Studio Strohm is a London-based design studio specialising in installations with a playful and curious approach to the physical world around us.

Strom, the German word for current, juxtaposed with Ohm (Ω), the unit for resistance, forms our studio ethos: Resisting the current, going against the mainstream trends in order to create new work that is both exciting and hard to categorise.

Studio StrΩ is ½ Maria Euler and ½ Jen Haugan.

Frequency | Absolut España, Sónar+D

Interactive sound installation with DMX lighting.

Absolute Relative | Absolut España, Sónar+D

Tactile installation based on the thermal grid illusion principle.

Sonic Ensemble | Royal College of Art

An installation and performance piece, demonstrating the Doppler Effect and feedback between rotating speakers and a microphone.

A Measurement (Problem) of Reality | Royal College of Art

An installation piece that uses quantum particle theories to raise questions and conversations around recent government elections.

Being A Dove | Dresden

An installation piece where you walk into an electromagnetic field and feel the tickling sensation of magnets spinning in your hands.


Making the Long Tail | White City, London, 2017
Entangled | White City, London, 2017
Sonifying Noise Pollution | IRCAM Forum, Paris, 2017
Sonic Experience | Royal College of Art, 2017
Rogue Seeds | Royal College of Art, London, 2017
Information Experience Design | HaMiffal, Jerusalem, 2017
Frequency | Sónar+D, Barcelona, 2016
Absolute Relative | Sónar+D, Barcelona, 2016

Available for work, conversation, or both.